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​RIBA Core CPD 2020

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the RIBA has moved all CPD to online delivery for the rest of 2020.

RIBA Members get 50% off the RIBA CPD Programme, compared to non-members.

Whether it’s structured or informal, if you can learn from it, you can make it count. Methods of CPD learning are as diverse as the topics they can cover and can be completed easily through seminars, articles, podcasts and online learning, or even factory tours and trade show visits. However, the RIBA Core CPD 2020 Programme can provide you with all your core curriculum needs.

You are able to dictate the route your Continuing Professional Development takes, choosing the subjects that will strengthen your expertise and broaden your knowledge.

Your CPD enables you to plan your career, strengthen your business, update your knowledge, and acquire new skills and specialisms in an increasingly competitive market.

RIBA Core CPD 2020 programme

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: policy, strategy and delivery in business
  • Designing for fire safety in residential buildings
  • Business resilience: managing a business in uncertain times
  • Design risk management: managing health and life safety
  • Managing client relationships: how effective communication and documentation leads to successful projects
  • The principles of building physics and energy-efficient strategies
  • Inclusive design: small changes, big impact
  • Place making: what's the future of place?
  • Energy retrofitting historic buildings
  • An architect's guide to designing out terrorism

Please see our PDF of the RIBA Core CPD 2020 programme for topic descriptions and webinar dates.

RIBA Core CPD 2020

Two ways to book CPD webinars

  • CPD Club Ticket: one single booking for all 10 topics
  • Pay as you go: purchase webinars individually

CPD Club benefits

  • One place at each of the 10 CPD Club topics
  • A significant saving of up to £170 per year compared with purchasing pay as you go webinars
  • 25 hours of RIBA Core Curriculum training
  • Helps you achieve your annual RIBA CPD requirements

Ticket fees

CPD Club ticket (all 10 webinars):

  • RIBA/CIAT Members £300+VAT
  • RIBA Chartered Practices £412 +VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £600 + VAT

Pay as you go tickets (individual webinars):

  • RIBA/CIAT members £47 +VAT
  • RIBA student members £15 +VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £94 +VAT

How to book?

Visit the Learning Programme in the RIBA Academy to browse our full list of Core CPD webinars.

Select our Core CPD Club Ticket to secure your place on all 10 topics.

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